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I found these lurking in my computer and don't think I shared them. They're at least a year old, possibly more. Pics are under the cut.

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May. 12th, 2008

Three from the Roflbot and three from the Automotivator, thus:


[[Thanks to kindred_concepts for #2's base!]]
Hello all. I'm a tad nervous being that this is my first post here, but I come bearing some screen caps. Just a couple from Sub Rosa that I captioned. I'm putting them all under the cut because I'm not sure how big they are and I don't want to slow down people's connections.

Sub Rosa capsCollapse )

First Macro

Alright, so I had to create and upload an NCIS icon just so I could have one when I posted my first attempt at making a macro. Please be kind.

Tony's mistakeCollapse )
In honor of NCIS's anticipated return from strike-induced obscurity... teh silliness!!

Four random ones under the cut!Collapse )

(Is anyone still around? It would be great to see more activity here. ^_^)

Another 2

Hokay... First time doing this, so fingers crossed that I don't mess it up totally!

Spoilerish for those unfortunate enough not to have seen 4.06 "Witch Hunt"